My debut novel THE GIRLS OF SUMMER publishes with Penguin Random House, Transworld in the UK and Macmillan, St Martin's Press in the US in 2023.

The Girls of Summer follows Rachel, a married woman in her mid-thirties who has never been able to let go of the all-consuming love affair she had with an older man while travelling around the Greek islands as a teenager. But when Rachel unexpectedly reconnects with another girl who was on the island that summer, dark and long-suppressed secrets begin to rise to the surface that force Rachel to re-evaluate everything she remembers about the man who stole her heart, and the lies she told in the name of love.

"The Girls of Summer is one of the most affecting and powerful books, let alone debuts, that I’ve read in a long time. Katie effortlessly weaves together the two strands of Rachel’s story to create a compelling and urgent read that I simply could not tear myself away from. She is an extraordinary talent, and I’m so thrilled to have welcomed her to the Transworld list."

Tash Barsby, Commissioning Editor, Transworld

"What an incredible debut this is: assured, compulsive and bold. I was transported to Greece, lived Rachel’s life alongside her and felt that these characters surely must be real, such is the power of Katie’s storytelling. We are delighted to welcome Katie to the Transworld list and are determined to make The Girls of Summer the most talked-about publication of 2023. We feel very lucky to be launching Katie’s career in the UK."

Frankie Gray, Publishing Director, Transworld

"I was absolutely transfixed by The Girls of Summer – the pacing is taut and tense, and the prose is crystalline and devastating. But beyond its hypnotizing, page-turning quality, Katie’s magnificent debut has something important to say about a post-#MeToo world – a landscape in which many women are re-examining memories and experiences that they’ve kept locked away, and are only now considering in a new light and through a sharper lens. I’m thrilled that St. Martin’s Press will be part of the team introducing readers to this rare talent."

Sarah Cantin, Executive Editor, St. Martin's Press