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How to Visit Hay-on-Wye, the UK's Book Lover Heaven

Tucked away on the Welsh border, Hay-on-Wye is a town that draws thousands of visitors every year for a very unique reason. In spite of its minuscule size, this historic town is home to an astonishing number of bookshops, and is inundated by around half a million book lovers every year at the famous Hay Festival of Literature and Arts. Although this has led to Hay being internationally recognized as the Town of Books, its tumble-down streets have much more to offer than just the festival. Visit at any time of year for outdoor activities, serene countryside and plenty of reading material.

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Top Nine Places to Visit in Warwickshire, England

Visitors to the U.K. flock to Warwickshire to see Stratford-upon-Avon, the town where Shakespeare grew up, but this rural county in England's West Midlands region is more than just the birthplace of the Bard. Home to a beautifully preserved past, Warwickshire packs an extraordinary amount of historical culture within its borders, making it the perfect stop-off for history buffs, too.

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The Complete Guide to Oxford's Best Pubs

Traipsing around one of the UK’s oldest university cities can be thirsty work. Fortunately, wherever students go, plenty of drinking establishments soon follow, and Oxford is no exception to this rule.

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Why Every Bookworm Needs to Plan a Trip to Oxford

W.B. Yeats once said that it was a wonder that anybody did anything at Oxford but “dream and remember the place is so beautiful." But Yeats wasn’t the only writer to draw inspiration from Oxford’s so-called dreaming spires. 

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