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What Clearing Out My Wardrobe Taught Me About A Decade Of Body Insecurities

Discarding a decade worth of clothes didn’t undo my body insecurities, but it did make me more mindful of them. It showed me how unkind I’d been to myself for years, and how I’d held myself up to standards that made me feel less-than. It taught me how wasteful it is to buy things that don’t make you feel good, not only on a social and environmental level, but because there are already enough things in the world designed to make women feel terrible. Our ASOS basket doesn’t need to be one of them.

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Why Love Island's Lucie Insisting That She "Doesn't Get On With Other Girls" Is Problematic 

Love Island’s Lucie Donlan has caused a stir this week after claiming that she doesn’t have any female friends. Why is this so hard to stomach?

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What I Learned From My First Year of Side-Hustling

Cashing in after you clock off can have some surprising benefits.

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