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#CorporateTikTok Is The Place For Bored Office Workers

For corporate workers, the frustrations of the remote office are well known, from hours of meetings that could easily have been an email to that one colleague who always has their camera switched off. Now, dozens of workers are venting their frustrations online – and gaining plenty of followers in the process.

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I’m Obsessed With Organisation TikTok. So Why’s My Own Life A Mess?

Most days, Jasmine, 21, finds that her productivity dips at about 4pm. That’s when she often opens up TikTok and immediately falls down her favourite rabbit hole: a world where ordinary people rack up millions of views simply by organising their fridge or colour-coding their wardrobe.

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Rented Furniture Is Perfect For Home Renters

Over the last few years, the way that we view our homes has been overhauled. Our homes are increasingly seen as a reflection of ourselves and a way to express creativity – yet for many of us, a much-coveted green velvet couch or painstakingly arranged gallery wall remains way out of budget. Enter: the furniture rental industry, a rapidly rising sector which aims to address the changing relationship with our homes and belongings.

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Seven Women Who Started Their Own Business in Lockdown

For these women, the uncertainty of 2020 turned out to be an opportunity. Whether transforming a redundancy into a brand-new career or persevering with a long-held plan in spite of the odds seemingly stacked against them, they all managed to launch a business during lockdown. In tough times it can be uplifting to celebrate success so we asked these women how they made it work. These are their stories.

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We Agreed To Divorce, Now We’re Locked Down Together

Sally, a nutrition coach and emotional resilience trainer living in Exeter, asked her husband for a divorce right before lockdown measures came into force. Here, she tells us how it feels to be locked down with a soon-to-be ex-partner.

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How Antidepressants Affect Your Sleep

Patients seeking relief from sleepless nights are often prescribed SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) antidepressants to help deal with insomnia. But for some patients this is only the start of their problems.

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How ‘Stalkerware’ Technology Made It Easy For My Abusive Ex To Spy On Me

Lianne thought that her relationship was perfect. She had met her partner in a London club, and he had quickly moved her and her two daughters into his home. Within six months they were engaged, and Lianne described her relationship as a fairytale. But one day, when she went to attach a file to an email using their household computer, her perfect relationship came crashing down.

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What Happens When Your Partner Wants Children But You Don't?

Although the choice to remain childless may have social, financial and environmental benefits, it can place irreconcilable strain on even the sturdiest of relationships. I spoke to women choosing not to have children, and the impact that this has had on their relationship.

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5 Women Who Left The City For The Middle Of The Countryside

For the first time since records began more people are leaving London than relocating there. I spoke to some women to find out what it's like to move from the big city to the deepest countryside.

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I Tried to be the Perfect Bridesmaid and Ended Up Drowning in Debt

It's often observed that if you stick the word 'wedding' in front of anything, the price jumps fourfold. But although the happy couple can justifiably expect their bank balances to take a knock, getting hitched can be costly for more than just those who are saying "I do".

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Why Are We All So Obsessed With Our Exes?

There’s a new type of dating show in town. Forget Take Me Out and First Dates – we’ve had enough of mercilessly shoving total strangers together, covering our eyes at cringey dinners for two, and shrieking through the screen at badly matched blind dates. Instead, these new programmes bring up an all too familiar conundrum for singles. Are our exes really exes for a reason?

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So You Want To Buy A House But You Have No Money

Is buying a house easy for millennials? Absolutely not. So I chatted to some very wise people who’ve actually managed it against all odds to find out how to buy a house if you're broke.

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Why Glamourising the Side-Hustle Is Bad For All Of Us

For many people, the term will be synonymous with entrepreneurs making billions from their bedrooms or bestselling books scribbled in a hot new author’s spare time. Generation side-hustle is upon us, and whilst most millennials eye up mounting debts and soaring house prices a glitzy alternate world beckons.

From Instagrammers making hundreds per post after a YouTube stint launched their career to humble pop-up burger stands landing joints in every city, the success stories seem to suggest that this supposedly attainable dream is just a few clicks away. But what does the so-called side-hustle economy really mean for young people?

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