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Channel 4’s Consent shows the #MeToo movement hasn’t ‘gone too far’ – it hasn’t gone far enough

Why even prison can't protect women from their stalkers

Those of us unfortunate enough to have been through experiences similar to Emily Maitlis’s are all too familiar with perpetrators' persistence.

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The 'gig economy' is not intrinsically a bad thing. In fact, it's given many of us a great opportunity

Characterised by short-term contracts, often facilitated by technology, the gig economy has more than doubled in the last three years. For many this is a sign of the increasingly insecure nature of work and irresponsible employees. But for me, and many gig economy workers like me, this hasn’t been the full story.

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Burnout is now a recognised condition – and that's more important than you think

Burnout is an epidemic that until now has not been recognised as a diagnosable disorder, but this is all set to change. This week, the World Health Organisation announced that burnout will be classified as a chronic condition in the upcoming 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases.

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A Safe Alternative To The Pill Has Been Found- Thank Goodness Men Will Be The Ones Taking It

I suffered a dangerous blood clot while taking the pill. This big step forward is a sign that reproductive medicine is finally being taken seriously.

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Calling Kylie Jenner Self-Made is an Insult to Hardworking Millennials

While the dream of making our millions once seemed within reach, it is now increasingly available to only a fortunate few – often those who have access to family money

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If we protect the perpetrators of sexual violence, we move further and further away from fixing the issue.

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