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5 Couples with Unromantic Love Stories (...Or Are They?)

There’s something appealing about the idea that an extraordinary love can be born out of the plain ordinary, or even downright unromantic. 

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Are Micro Breakups Better Than Ghosting?

The last person I dated broke up with me on a Thursday night in spring. He was a rugged Aussie import who had courted me over a round of mini golf and a Sunday afternoon trip to the zoo. We’d met a handful of times and I liked him, in the vague and mildly hopeful way you can like someone who you don’t know very well.

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18 Women Disprove Cliches About The Most Mythologised Decades

Popular culture bombards us with milestones to reach by the time we age into a new decade. Big dreams by 20; a strong sense of self by 30; a new lease on life by 40.

It’s easy to get lost in this kind of storytelling—to compare yourself to how your age is depicted in books and movies and memes. But are these markers useful in real life? And maybe more importantly, are they even accurate? I asked women leaving or entering a new decade about how their experiences compared to some of the most pervasive clichés of the most clichéd decades.

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 One study of almost 300 couples found that those who believed that there is just one person for them—a so-called “destiny mindset”—also had a higher chance of doubting their relationship. In fact, the study ultimately found that those who believe in soulmates are much more likely to break up with their significant other than those with a more skeptical approach to love.

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Why Are We All So Obsessed With Being Spontaneous

We’re a culture that fetishizes spontaneity, rendering it the epitome of fun. We assume it’s the impulsive friends and partners that will make for an exciting life. We imagine that the spontaneous among us are probably out on an impromptu karaoke and cocktail night right now, their arms thrown around each other with the giddy delight of their last-minute plans. But what if, like me, a workmate asking if you fancy grabbing a quick drink on your way out of the office fills you with dread? What if being whisked away on a surprise weekend away is your idea of hell?

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What if What's Missing From Your Life Is... Boredom?

While perpetual mental stimulation might be the new normal, research suggests that being alone with our own thoughts has surprising benefits. A recent study found that boredom has the potential to spark enormous productivity and creativity—after all, who among us hasn’t had a stroke of genius while lingering in the shower?

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In Defence of Breadcrumbing: Dating's Most Maligned Trend

In an increasingly opaque and complex dating landscape, it’s refreshing to have that person in your contact list who expects nothing from you but will always respond to a late night “WYD?” text. 

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Is Ghosting a Technology Problem or a People Problem

For anyone looking for love in the Tinder age, few things will make us want to delete our dating apps more quickly than any mention of ghosting. In response, dating app developers have started coding solutions to this problem, but such efforts beg the question: Is ghosting a human issue or a technological issue?

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