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Copying Down

How To Avoid the Productivity Trap

We live in a time when productivity is fetishized. With these social and financial worries playing on millennials’ minds, it’s hardly surprising that I, and many others like me, find it hard to relax. If you’re feeling the strain to be constantly switched-on, try these measures to take the pressure off.

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Using a Touch Phone

The Science Behind How Dating Apps Are Changing Our Brains

If you’ve been single within the last five years or so, there’s a good chance that you have downloaded a dating app. But what is spending out time swiping doing to our brain?

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Boxing Session

I Worked Out Everyday for a Month. Here's What Happened.

I’d recently seen a number of articles advocating working out every day. Seemingly overzealous gym-lovers were suggesting replacing my rest days eating pizza on the sofa with gentle exercise to achieve a new level of fitness. I felt stuck in a bit of an exercise rut and was keen to challenge myself. Could working out every day for a month be the shake-up I was looking for?

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Why a Resolution Refresher Might Be the Perfect Cure for Your Summer Burnout

This August I’ve resolved to revisit the resolutions that I made eight months ago. History suggests that spending the rest of the year reminding myself of my own failures will only set me up to fall down again when the promise of next January predictably wears thin. Instead, I’m confronting my summer burnout and the notion that we need to wait for winter to reset. I’m making summer re-resolutions.

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Happy Mother with her Child

How To Maintain Friendships When Your Friends Start Having Kids

As we get older, our friendships tend to shift and change. Relocations, time taken up by partners, and busy careers all mean that scheduling in so much as a coffee date can become a tricky task — but there are few life events more all-consuming than becoming a parent. 

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Mexican Meal

Why You Should Embrace Eating Out Alone

Recent research suggests that millennials are driving a trend in eating out alone and are more comfortable than any other generation doing so.

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Desk with Book

How To Advocate For Yourself As A Freelancer

Whilst career-paths, promotions, and pay raises can feel structured and secure in a traditional working environment, freelancers often find that how much they can earn, what kind of work they are doing, and who they work for is much less predictable. In order to secure the best rates and attract the best opportunities being able to advocate for yourself is an important skill.

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Selfie with Lollipops

How Being Ghosted By My Best Friend Shaped How I View Love

Yes, I have yet to find one person that I want to spend forever with, but that doesn’t mean that my life isn’t full of incredible, fulfilling, and stable relationships. 

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Ripped Jeans

Suffering From Dating Burnout? Here’s How You Can Recharge

If you’re feeling disillusioned by dating, there are plenty of ways to recharge. Try one of these tips to put the fun back into finding love.

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Almost a Kiss

These Are the Reasons Why You're Struggling to Orgasm

Most of the factors influencing your ability to orgasm are deeply rooted in our society and our perception of sex.

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Office Dress

What to Do If Your Request for a Pay Rise Gets Turned Down

Having the confidence to ask for a pay rise is no easy feat. There’s the daunting task of having to sell yourself to your seniors, the tricky dynamics of knowing your worth, and the unfortunate truth that women are much more likely than their male counterparts to have a raise request refused. But once you’ve mustered up the courage, prepared your case, and set up a meeting with your boss, there’s one truly terrifying scenario left to contend with: what if your request for a pay rise is flat-out refused?

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Locks on a Bridge

My Ex and I Went on a Breakup Trip to Paris-- Here's What Happened When I Went Back Alone

The romantic Parisian mini-break I had imagined back in 2014 brimmed with continental clichés. I envisioned my boyfriend and I strolling down the Seine hand-in-hand, spending lazy mornings tucking into Pain au Chocolats, and late nights basking in the merlot-soaked glow of the city of love

But that’s not quite how things turned out. 

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Simple Tattoo

Dating in a digital age has only added to the subtle politics of a split. Do you delete your ex’s number to avoid a late-night drunk dial?  What does it mean when they’re always the first to watch your Insta story? Is it OK to be upset if you spot your most recent bae on Bumble? And most importantly, should you delete your ex on social medi?

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Friends Walking Home

How to Handle Your Friends Making More Money Than You

Differences in income and assets can also mean vast differences in lifestyle. As what you can afford to do together starts to differ, it can be difficult to keep a friendship thriving. If you’re finding yourself struggling to keep up when it comes to spending here are some things to remember.

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Athletic Woman With Kettlebells

How To Overcome Gym Intimidation

Grab those weights and get started!​

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Kissing in the Field

Why I'm No Longer Texting The People I Date

Rather than revolutionizing the way we date it seems that our technology could well be putting a dampener on actually getting down and dirty. Here's why I think we should be placing more value on face-to-face communication.

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Young Couple

I Read This ’90s Dating Bible so You Don’t Have to—Here Are the 10 Worst Pieces of Advice

In a time before Tinder taught us that love and sex could be a mere right-swipe away and when meet-cutes were still a thing, an unusual dating handbook claimed to be sparking singleton’s love lives alight. But although 90s dating bible The Rules reigned supreme for most of the late ’90s, much of the advice looks a little questionable through a modern lens. Intrigued? I read this ’90s dating bible so you don’t have to, and pulled together some of the strangest tricks all the single ladies were trying.

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Pills in apothecary bottle

My Contraception Could Have Killed Me-- Here's What I Learned

Women face difficult decisions when it comes to birth control. On  my own experiences with contraception and when to speak to a doctor about yours.

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Confetti Storm

Seven Things I Learned To Let Go Of In My Twenties

As I’ve progressed from Prosecco-fuelled nights out to staying in with a good book, and swapped spot treatments for early-protection anti-ageing creams (and learned that in spite of good intentions it’s always best to have a bottle of Prosecco on standby, just in case you change your mind), I’ve discovered that sometimes you gain the most when you let expectations go. I’m sharing a few other things that I learned to let go of along the way.

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