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Oxford based writer, journalist, and editor authoring features on feminism, mental health, technology, and the business of being a millennial.

Published in the Guardian, the Independent, Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, Stylist, Man Repeller, and Elle amongst others.

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Working from Home

REFINERY29: Why Glamorising Side-Hustles Is Bad For All Of Us

For many people, the term will be synonymous with entrepreneurs making billions from their bedrooms or bestselling books scribbled in a hot new author’s spare time. Generation side-hustle is upon us, and whilst most millennials eye up mounting debts and soaring house prices a glitzy alternate world beckons.

From Instagrammers making hundreds per post after a YouTube stint launched their career to humble pop-up burger stands landing joints in every city, the success stories seem to suggest that this supposedly attainable dream is just a few clicks away. But what does the so-called side-hustle economy really mean for young people?

First featured on Refinery29.

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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

THE GUARDIAN: What's Causing Women to Join the NoFap Movement?

A Reddit forum dedicated to abstaining from masturbation has over 450,000 members – and about 5% of them are female.

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Image by Fabian Blank

INDEPENDENT VOICES: Calling Kylie Jenner 'Self-Made' Is An Insult To Hardworking Millennials

While the dream of making our millions once seemed within reach, it is now increasingly available to only a fortunate few – often those who have access to family money

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Writing on Computer

COSMOPOLITAN: What I Learned From A Year of Side-Hustling

Why cashing in once you clock off can have some surprising benefits.

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Diet Banana

INSTYLE: Read This Before Trying an Intermittent Fasting App

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently caused a stir on his own site when he admitted to fasting for 22 hours a day, occasionally consuming only water for days on end. But what's the deal with intermittent fasting apps?

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