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Journalism published by The New York Times, the Guardian, the Independent, the BBC, VOGUE, Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, Stylist, Business Insider and many others.

Debut novel THE GIRLS OF SUMMER publishing with Penguin Random House, Transworld (UK) and Macmillan, St. Martin's Press (US), 2023.


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Rock Band

THE NEW YORK TIMES: This Song Is for You... for the Rest of Your Life

What’s it like to be name-checked by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse, et al? We asked, among others, “our” Sharona.

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BBC WORKLIFE: Why relying on productivity tools can backfire

The explosion in productivity tech means we can track everything from our steps to our to-do list. But should we?

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Futuristic Fashion

THE GUARDIAN: AI in the Adult Industry: Porn May Soon Feature People Who Don't Exist

Porn has often driven technological innovation, but research into deepfakes raises questions about its potential misuses.

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Working from Home

REFINERY29: Why Glamorising Side-Hustles Is Bad For All Of Us

For many people, the term will be synonymous with entrepreneurs making billions from their bedrooms or bestselling books scribbled in a hot new author’s spare time. Generation side-hustle is upon us, and whilst most millennials eye up mounting debts and soaring house prices a glitzy alternate world beckons.

From Instagrammers making hundreds per post after a YouTube stint launched their career to humble pop-up burger stands landing joints in every city, the success stories seem to suggest that this supposedly attainable dream is just a few clicks away. But what does the so-called side-hustle economy really mean for young people?

First featured on Refinery29.

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