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Oxford based writer, journalist, and editor authoring features on feminism, mental health, technology, and the business of being a millennial.

Published in the Guardian, the Independent, BBC Worklife, Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, Stylist, Man Repeller, and Grazia amongst others.

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Non-Stop to Amsterdam

BBC Worklife: What the Dutch Can Teach the World about Remote Work

The Netherlands may have figured out something about working from home (pandemic or no) that the rest of the world has yet to learn.

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Working from Home

REFINERY29: Why Glamorising Side-Hustles Is Bad For All Of Us

For many people, the term will be synonymous with entrepreneurs making billions from their bedrooms or bestselling books scribbled in a hot new author’s spare time. Generation side-hustle is upon us, and whilst most millennials eye up mounting debts and soaring house prices a glitzy alternate world beckons.

From Instagrammers making hundreds per post after a YouTube stint launched their career to humble pop-up burger stands landing joints in every city, the success stories seem to suggest that this supposedly attainable dream is just a few clicks away. But what does the so-called side-hustle economy really mean for young people?

First featured on Refinery29.

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Futuristic Fashion

THE GUARDIAN: AI in the Adult Industry: Porn May Soon Feature People Who Don't Exist

Porn has often driven technological innovation, but research into deepfakes raises questions about its potential misuses.

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Diet Orange

INSTYLE: Read This Before Trying an Intermittent Fasting App

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently caused a stir on his own site when he admitted to fasting for 22 hours a day, occasionally consuming only water for days on end. But what's the deal with intermittent fasting apps?

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