Work With Me


I am available for writing work and commissions on an array of topics. I have lots of experience in writing features, conducting interviews, and copywriting. To take a look at some of my writing on subjects such as technology, feminism, mental health, cultural trends, and the world of work you can visit my writing portfolio. If you'd like to assign me for writing work or enquire about rates you can do so here


I have six years of editorial experience in a publishing environment, and am available to help you to hone your work or editorial project. Whether you need an editorial eye on a manuscript, website, or newsletter you can contact me to discuss rates and hear more about how I can assist.


If any of my work fits with an event that you are hosting and your audience would like to learn more then you can hire me for a speaking engagement. You can take a look at my previous event speaking experience here, my media speaking experience here, or contact me to discuss your requirements and rates. I am available for both live and online events.


I am now offering a one-on-one consultancy service for freelancers, PRs, and editorial brands. Whether you are a PR looking for advice on pitching journalists more effectively, a freelancer looking to hone your pitches and reach more editors, or a brand seeking advice on creating content, you can book me for an hour-long session. Please contact me for rates and availability.


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