The Guardian

Confined in Rental Apartments, Millennials Decorate Virtual Homes

March 2020

Interior design apps are on the rise as homeownership rates among people under 35 have fallen by 20% in the last decade.

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AI in the Adult Industry: Porn May Soon Feature People Who Don't Exist

February 2020

Porn has often driven technological innovation, but research into deepfakes raises questions about its potential misuses.

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What's Causing Women to Join the NoFap Movement?

September 2019

A Reddit forum dedicated to abstaining from masturbation has over 450,000 members – and about 5% of them are female.

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Who is paying $30 for 'gamer girl' Belle Delphine's bath water?

July 2019

Belle Delphine, the social media star and so-called “gamer girl”, made headlines this week for selling her used bath water online. I spoke to Delphine and her followers to find out who's buying.

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